Some exciting updates on Loci

Thanks to everyone who has tried out Loci over the past month! We’re excited to share some updates after taking into account your feedback:

Enhanced PDF Import/Export

We’ve heard that some teams are keen to use Loci for annotating documents with detailed sketches or fine print. Hence, we increased the resolution to 16 MP for uploaded images and PDFs — probably enough for most use cases! The whiteboard PDF export feature is also one step closer to graduating from beta, with the embedding of images now supported.

Shape Auto-Detection & Correction

Due to popular demand, we’ve added support for creating shapes. Whether you are drawing with a mouse, a stylus, or your fingers on a touchscreen, you can pause once done to transform your sketches into perfect shapes. We’ve also added a specialised shape pen with a live preview of the detected object. Straight lines and most standard shapes are supported now, and more will soon follow.



To enable more people to use Loci, we are porting it into more languages. Some languages popular with our user base are already in the works — we’ll be rolling them out shortly.

Reach out to us!

Once again, we’re grateful for our strongest supporters along the way and all our users around the world. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any feedback, questions, or suggestions — we would be happy to hear them out!